The announcement of Prince William’s engagement sparked this book like the starting gun at the top of the 100m dash. I literally had twenty-eight days to write a full first draft, amassing copious amounts of research and condensing more than a thousand years of British history into the volume. It was a short gestation but an arduous birth, working long distance with an editor who, though she was intrigued by it, was unfamiliar with the subject matter, and who had to answer to a higher authority.

Looking back now, it reminds me of my years in the theatre and the superstitious adage, “a bad dress rehearsal makes a good show,” because the audience never knows what went on behind the scenes to get the show on the stage and the performance up to speed. And just as I despaired all those times as an actress wondering how the play would ever be ready for opening night, I wondered if THE ROYALS would be something I could ultimately be proud of once I saw the finished product I had worked my tushie off to beat the clock and give my editor and publisher what they wanted. So after the third pass of page proofs, I crossed my fingers and hoped.

Well! The result is glorious, something that not only am I proud to have authored, but which any reader can be proud to place on her or his bookshelf. It’s elegantly packaged and colorful in every way. Time for a post-partum celebration!