High school drama teacher Kathryn Lamb enrolls with Six in the City a Manhattan matchmaking service owned by a colorfully eccentric neighbor, Rushie Hart.  Yet when she arrives at their offices to record her on-camera profile, she’s surprised to find someone else in charge of the agency.  Her new matchmaker is the tall, blond, and hunky Walker “Bear” Hart, who is temporarily filling in because Rushie has fixed herself up with yet another of her own clients and jetted off on a honeymoon.

Kathryn’s seeking her own “happily-ever-after.”  Having had so many stepfathers, the cynical Walker doesn’t believe in fairy tale endings; but after meeting his vivacious new client, he begins to change his mind, despite the fact that he’s contractually obligated to fix her up with Mr. Right.  Although Kathryn becomes equally enchanted by Walker, she wants nothing to do with him romantically, aware that he suffers from a terminal fear of commitment.  Not only that, she’s paid him to find her a husband; and mixing business with pleasure is an invariably lethal recipe.

When a leak in Rushie’s penthouse renders the apartment temporarily uninhabitable, Walker convinces Kathryn to take him in.  She agrees-but only as a platonic roommate, while she continues to enjoy her dates from Six and the City’s roster of eligible bachelors.  Although each of Kathryn’s hilarious match-ups begins with promise, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep her mind off her handsome, if klutzy, new roommate.  And can Walker overcome his allergy to matrimony and allow himself to realize that happiness is right under his nose?