The author of Play Dates tackles the classic conversational taboos-sex, politics, religion, and the merits of Star Trek-in a delicious new novel full of New York wit and Irish charm.

                                  Who says forty isn’t fabulous?

Tessa Craig thinks she’s finally got it all-or most of it, anyway: a glamorous job as a political speechwriter, a glamorous Manhattan duplex, and a glamorous boyfriend, Congressman David Weyburn, whose populist views, integrity, charisma-and looks-have made him his party’s rising star.  But when scandal strikes, her seemingly happy love life and her successful career collapse like a house of cards.  Tessa’s subsequent search for self-discovery and renewed fulfillment takes her on a magical journey, leading her into unimagined directions.  She makes new friends, unexpectedly adopts a new family, discovers unanticipated love . . . and most importantly . . . makes that uphill climb over the rainbow to find the ultimate pot of gold: HERSELF.


[Carroll’s] endearingly quirky cast and . . . snappy dialogue should keep readers rooting for Tessa up to the tears-of-joy ending.
~Publishers Weekly