The Memoirs of Helen of Troy recounts the extraordinary life story of antiquity’s most legendary beauty, narrated in the first person by the woman forever known as “the face that launched a thousand ships.” But does Helen really deserve the blame for the Trojan War, the most devastating conflict of her era? As I read and re-read voluminous source material in the researching of the novel, it was clear to me that without changing any of the “facts,” the actions of some of the most famous players in Greek and Trojan history could be viewed in a completely new light! Feisty, wise, compassionate, sometimes willful, occasionally vain, but always alluring, Helen excited the ardor of all who beheld her.




Blending mythology with history, Elyot details Helen’s unforgettable journey from innocence to tragedy and, finally, happiness. Fans of historical women’s fiction will savor this engrossing novel about the rewards and dangers of following one’s heart.

Elyot keeps the action moving with lots of exciting drama.
~Library Journal

~Publishers Weekly

Luminously intelligent, beautifully written, a delightful blend of magic and mythos.
~New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller

An amazing literary work . . . vivid, luring, and impossible to put down.  I sincerely hope that Hollywood considers looking at Troy from Helen’s angle.  It would make a fascinating movie!

. . . Raising timely and significant issues about the inevitability of war and its just as inevitable victimization of women. . . . Helen emerges as a heroine as much for her celebration of sexual desire as for her compassionate capacity to understand and yield to those who hurt her. . . . The book overflows with a wealth of detail . . . [it] would not be an unacceptable addition to high school and college curricula. For sure, it would get the kids reading.
~The Independent