In the game of life, sometimes you get a “do-over.”

Former Vegas dancer Venus deMarley has just been hit with a wild pitch. She’s forty years old and has finally found the perfect fiancé, when Sophie, the daughter she gave up for adoption twenty years ago, suddenly reappears.

Venus has another crisis on her hands as well: her eccentric millionaire dad just died and willed her his pet project-a rag-tag minor league baseball team called the Bronx Cheers-if Venus and Sophie can “close the circle” by reconciling. Venus knows diddly about sports. Unlike her glamorous mom, Sophie’s a jock, a poster girl for Title IX. And after two decades apart, they know nothing about each other, and rarely agree on anything.

But maybe-just maybe-a colorful bunch of misfit, egotistic ball players can bring them together.


Although not exactly “Sophie’s Choice” serious, you gotta love an author who goes to Brooklyn Cyclones games as research for her baseball-themed book. Romance writer Carroll’s hero is ex-burlesque star Venus deMarley, who finds the perfect fiancé, is informed her estranged father has died, and is reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption 20 years earlier. As if that weren’t enough jolts, Venus also inherits her father’s minor league baseball team, the Bronx Cheers.
~New York Post