A funny, sexy novel of romance, mystery, and time travel…and the perfect treat for all Jane Austen fans.

C.J. Welles, a New York actress who loves the novels of Jane Austen, is on the verge of landing her dream role: portraying her idol in a Broadway play. But during her final audition—garbed in full nineteenth-century dress—she exits stage left and emerges onto the stage of quite another theatre in an altogether different time, having been mysteriously transported to the English city of Bath in the year 1801. But nineteenth-century Bath is not the picturesque costume drama C.J. had always envisioned. The brutal life of a servant, the harsh treatment of women, and the limited hygienic facilities are all terrifyingly alien to her.

Just as she wishes she could click her heels together and return to Manhattan, C.J. serendipitously meets the delightfully eccentric Lady Euphoria Dalrymple, a widowed countess with some rather advanced notions about the world. On a whim, the countess decides to take C.J. into her home, introducing her to Georgian society as a poor relation. An at an assembly ball, C.J. meets the dashing Earl of Darlington, whose cousin is none other than Jane Austen!

When a crisis develops, C.J.—in a race against time—becomes torn between two centuries. An attempt to return to her own era might mean forever forfeiting her blossoming romance with the irresistible Darlington and her growing friendship with Jane Austen, but it’s a risk she must take. And in the midst of this remarkable series of events, C.J. discovers something even more startling-a secret from her own past that may explain how she wound up in Bath in the first place.