Overnight she became a star. Over many nights she became a legend.

At the age of fifteen, Mary Robinson was married off to an unfaithful wastrel. During the next seven years, her spellbinding talent, beauty, and drive would lead her from the denigration of debtors’ prison to the London stages, where a star was born. With the heart of a poet and face of an angel she was sold as society’s darling. Though dubbed “the priestess of taste” for her dashing style, her unabashed exploits made her the queen of scandal, envied by women worldwide, and desired by every man within reach.

From Mary Robinson’s shocking affair with the Prince of Wales and the fortuitous liaisons that titillated the country, to heartbreaking betrayals and a restless pursuit of true romance, this breathtaking novel paints a vivid portrait of a woman who changed history by doing as she pleased-for money, for fame, for pleasure, and above all—for love.


Historical romance queen Elyot shines her light on Mary Darby Robinson (1758-1800), who, during her brief life, burned with a passionate intensity. Mary’s daring and anguished existence is truly the stuff of novels-her own writings, particularly her feminist essays, were acclaimed in her lifetime-and Elyot’s telling of her life, in Mary’s voice, honors her legacy.
~Publishers Weekly

Heartfelt and believable.
~Sarah Johnson, Historical Novels Review

Impeccable research and beautifully written . . . an amazing peek into the life of a remarkable woman.
~Romance Reviews Today